Meaning of crab canon in English:

crab canon


another term for canon cancrizans
‘If you'd like to see and hear a crab canon, you can look at the center section of Byrd's Diliges Dominum.’
  • ‘He wrote an example of a crab canon which has four parts instead of Bach's two.’
  • ‘I suppose all crab canons do this, but Bach's is the first I'd ever heard of.’
  • ‘Might a punk rock instrumentation of a crab canon wake the senses up?’
  • ‘Polyphony is even more intricate in this piece, with double fugati, crab canons, and the listener delighted by the humour.’
  • ‘Because both parts begin simultaneously, the terms ‘leader’ and ‘follower’ hardly apply to crab canons.’
  • ‘It was not possible to perceive the ten and then fourteen voices of the crab canon of the third movement.’