Meaning of crabeater seal in English:

crabeater seal

Pronunciation /ˈkrabiːtə/


  • A slender grey Antarctic seal which lives on the pack ice, feeding mainly on krill.

    Lobodon carcinophagus, family Phocidae

    ‘A school of crabeater seals surfs the turquoise surge around the base of a grounded iceberg.’
    • ‘After the summer moult, the crabeater seal is dark brown dorsally and grades to blonde ventrally.’
    • ‘Waterproof hair and insulating fat, called blubber, help crabeater seals stay warm in the frigid waters.’
    • ‘Wandering crabeater seals have been recorded in South Africa, South America, New Zealand and Australia.’
    • ‘Younger crabeater seals have small specks and webs of brown or dark gray over much of their dorsal side.’
    • ‘Some of their teeth are similar to the fancy teeth of the crabeater seal for filtering krill out of the water.’
    • ‘A captive crabeater seal was observed to suck prey items into its mouth with one gulp from distances of up to 50 cm.’
    • ‘The one hundred kilograms of herbivores can support only ten kilograms of foxes or crabeater seals.’
    • ‘Most of these were crabeater seals but I was excited to see that one was different.’
    • ‘We also have seen several crabeater seal pups with fresh leopard seal wounds during the past two days.’
    • ‘One of the best bits was coming upon a crabeater seal sitting on an iceberg.’
    • ‘In the past, small numbers of crabeater seals have been exploited as food for sledge dogs.’
    • ‘Contrary to its name, the crabeater seal feeds almost entirely on krill.’
    • ‘He led a study of crabeater seals, tagging 34 seals and tracking their foraging patterns.’
    • ‘A decrease in sea ice could negatively affect crabeater seal populations.’
    • ‘The fur of a recently moulted crabeater seal exhibits a rich shimmering of light and dark grey hues.’
    • ‘Antarctic crabeater seals would be taken as part of his country's research program.’
    • ‘When crabeater seals are upset, they often foam at the nose.’
    • ‘There are six species of seals that appear in the waters around Antarctica: the leopard seal, the fur seal, the crabeater seal, the elephant seal, the Weddell seal, and the Ross seal.’
    • ‘Crabeater seals prefer to eat a shrimp-like animal called krill rather than crabs.’