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  • 1usually in singular An emotional breakdown.

    • ‘he appeared to be on the verge of a complete crack-up’
    • ‘Mark has had one emotional crack-up and one hospitalisation before the stresses have even begun.’
    • ‘The directorial debut shows the actress grappling with the aftermath of a crack-up.’
    • ‘By the time the reader gets to book four, Donny's been ‘hospitalized for a crack-up.’’
    • ‘Even his crack-up comes out pretty buttoned-down.’
    • ‘For her, The Bell Jar is not just a novel about teenage crack-ups.’
    • ‘In the midst of it all was the ‘50s, the decade of her crack-up.’
    • ‘‘I was desperately, desperately lonely,’ she says, recalling her crack-up when Rowan left home to go to Oxford.’
    • ‘The truth was that of the three of us, my crack-up was the least enjoyable.’
    • ‘Stories of his crack-up and split from his lovely wife became public.’
    breakdown, attack, seizure, prostration, nervous breakdown, mental collapse, nervous collapse, nervous exhaustion, nervous tension, crisis, personal crisis, psychological trauma
  • 2usually in singular An act of breaking up or splitting apart.

    • ‘the crack-up of the Soviet Union’
    • ‘It would lead to the crack-up boom and the breakdown of the whole monetary system.’
    • ‘Any bump in the road is greeted not just as evidence of the crack-up, but as its beginning.’
    • ‘The later the crack-up comes, the longer the period in which the calculation is misguided by fiduciary media.’
    • ‘The Baltics’ surge toward independence in 1989 was the first sign of the impending crack-up of the Soviet Union.’
    • ‘The revisionists have been watching carefully the crack-up and want to avoid the alienation of a couple of million members.’
    • ‘After the Communist crack-up, the question is, on what principles is the world going to be organized?’
    • ‘This is supposed to help us savor more deeply the transient joys and triumphs preceding the crack-up.’
    • ‘The crack-up didn't happen then and it may not happen now.’
    • ‘Well, we propose a two-step response to the Canadian crack-up.’
    • ‘Well, for the press, it's the latest sign of a conservative crack-up.’
    • ‘I suppose in due course I'll see him, but I'm really interested in the crack-up of a political system.’
    • ‘He refers to this as flight into real goods or the crack-up boom.’
    • ‘Only one very broad check remains: the ultimate threat of hyper-inflation, the crack-up of the currency.’
    • ‘The worst of the economic crack-up has cleared (we hope).’
    • ‘And we are going head - on into an economic, social, and political crack-up.’
    • ‘Or is this midlife crisis as political crack-up?’