Meaning of crack a book in English:

crack a book


informal North American
  • Open a book and read it; study.

    • ‘they can run with a football or dunk a basketball with little concern whether they ever crack a book’
    • ‘Try cracking a book occasionally or move to a country where they make special accommodation for ignorant protesters such as yourself.’
    • ‘Relax in a hammock, crack a book under a tree, drink iced tea on the front porch.’
    • ‘There are cheat codes to the universe, as anyone who's cracked a book on differential calculus can tell you.’
    • ‘Why do it when you can get by just as well without cracking a book?’
    • ‘If you plan on studying only one topic, getting into IT, and then never cracking a book again, you're entering the wrong field.’
    • ‘I highly recommend reading the manual, but it's easy enough to get started without cracking a book.’
    • ‘You mean you haven't cracked a book since you got home?’
    • ‘Most physics professors have never cracked a book on learning theory and don't understand different learning styles.’
    • ‘It creates an immersive world that might actually lead some audience members to crack a book.’
    • ‘Well, this looks fine for an assignment you obviously didn't bother to crack a book for.’