Meaning of crack wise in English:

crack wise


informal North American
  • Make jokes.

    • ‘this struck them as funny, although nobody used it as a moment to crack wise at my expense’
    • ‘But the freedom to live involved more than cracking wise.’
    • ‘The international news is so unrelentingly grim I don't feel like cracking wise about the situation.’
    • ‘He cracks wise but can't hide the grimace each taste brings.’
    • ‘You might call McNealy's approach ‘marketing by cracking wise.’’
    • ‘She was funny, without mugging or cracking wise.’
    • ‘The perfect Buffy, she manages to be the strong hero always cracking wise but never forgetting that she is a 16-year-old girl.’
    • ‘‘You know people can't hear you when you nod on the phone,’ Eric said, cracking wise.’
    • ‘You were always one to crack wise, my friend.’
    • ‘These are hard drinking, fun having guys and they crack wise and obnoxious throughout - just like any athlete.’
    • ‘Roz is truly one of those rare people who can crack wise and get away with it.’