Meaning of cracked wheat in English:

cracked wheat



mass noun
  • Grains of wheat that have been crushed into small pieces.

    ‘salads of cracked wheat’
    • ‘Pearl barley, cracked wheat, graham flour and popcorn also make the whole-grain grade.’
    • ‘The terms cracked wheat, multi-grain and stone-ground wheat don't necessarily mean the product is rich in fiber, either.’
    • ‘Roast saddle of lamb is smartly surrounded by rustic eggplant caviar and cracked wheat.’
    • ‘In North Africa, cucumber is often cut into chunks and tossed in a salad of couscous or cracked wheat.’
    • ‘Sandwiches were listed as traditional wedges, assorted filled ciabatta, cracked wheat roll and tomato bread roll.’
    • ‘Additions such as flax, nuts, seeds and cracked wheat add even more fiber and nutrition.’
    • ‘Tabbouleh, a cracked wheat salad flavored with parsley is commonly served in Morocco.’
    • ‘The Lebanese national dish is kibbeh, made of either lamb or beef and cracked wheat.’
    • ‘The finishing diet consisted of corn silage, chopped hay, whole corn, cracked wheat, and supplement.’
    • ‘Soak the cracked wheat in a bowl of water for 30-45 minutes.’