Meaning of crackpot in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrakpɒt/

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  • An eccentric or foolish person.

    • ‘people who claim famous past identities are usually dismissed as crackpots’
    • ‘It's a site dedicated to ‘cranks, crackpots, kooks, and loons on the Web.’’
    • ‘There George, who appears throughout as himself, interviews a series of crackpots and misfits.’
    • ‘Interesting to know the science and/or psychology behind the crackpots and their talking pots.’
    • ‘You're the people who've got criminal crackpots sitting on human-rights panels.’
    • ‘The sign likened protest zones to ‘a safe haven for crackpots.’’
    • ‘People on either side of this ‘argument’ are not crackpots; they are people with opinions, just like Harvey.’
    • ‘I seem to be the risk-free venture with certain crackpots.’
    • ‘They can make even the most demented crackpots seem so… civilized.’
    • ‘These women aren't crackpots or die-hard new-agers, however.’
    • ‘He worked for the Institute, home to various crackpots.’
    • ‘We wondered if our neighbors would think it was the work of crackpots.’
    • ‘I know who these crackpots are and I couldn't be happier that somebody is standing up to them.’
    • ‘There have always been conspiracy crackpots; nothing new there.’
    • ‘Then there are crackpots and malcontents, and people who have been genuinely burned by the Bahamian experience.’
    • ‘Even the crackpots who vented at him received polite and gracious counter-arguments.’
    • ‘The good news is, the crackpots are planning to get together at a conference.’
    • ‘Of course crackpots with guns aren't a uniquely American problem.’
    • ‘Most of them are not wealthy or trained or competent, and a lot are just crackpots.’
    • ‘But Stein trots out his definition of a writer as if belonging to this group of crackpots is something to be proud of.’
    eccentric, oddity, odd fellow, unorthodox person, individualist, nonconformist, free spirit, bohemian, maverick, deviant, pervert, misfit, hippy, dropout


informal attributive
  • Eccentric; impractical.

    • ‘his head's full of crackpot ideas’
    • ‘Whatever the reason, London needs plenty more crackpot ideas to keep it moving.’
    • ‘It wasn't me that raised this crackpot idea, was it?’
    • ‘The reality is that every crackpot idea in the history of science has been defended on this very same basis.’
    • ‘These guys didn't get to be where they are by accepting every crackpot idea that came along.’
    • ‘It is full of absurd would-be lovers, quick-witted opportunists, cold-hearted villains and crackpot eccentrics.’
    • ‘‘They are very interested in ideas but as Edward said, not in crackpot ones,’ continued Kathy.’
    • ‘Here is a typically maddening and illuminating specimen of Pasolini's sublime, crackpot antimodernism.’
    • ‘But the blogosphere's tendency toward crackpot theorizing could not be suppressed for long.’
    • ‘Israel and the U.S. already have officially rejected this crackpot theory.’
    • ‘I can't be micromanaging every crackpot decision of a hyperactive home secretary.’
    • ‘The circus is coming, and it has nothing to do with soleil, shriners or tormented crackpot elephants!’
    • ‘Hypnotism was to the Victorians what energy is to the New Age: a catch-all explanation for crackpot beliefs.’
    • ‘The movie program isn't just some fly-by-night crackpot invention, either.’
    • ‘People are allowed to believe whatever they like, and listen to whatever crackpot they choose.’
    • ‘The Paranoia Hotline was set up specifically for such crackpot allegations you know.’
    • ‘However, such delusions of grandeur are not confined to crackpot monarchs.’
    • ‘There are votes in environmental policy, no matter how crackpot or expensive.’
    • ‘He'll be lucky to get any established writers on board with that crackpot policy.’
    • ‘She wants you to believe that crackpot story because she knows something else; something that she's not willing to tell.’
    • ‘You better not be going to see those crackpot friends of yours!’
    unbalanced, of unsound mind, mentally ill, deranged, demented, crazed, distracted, troubled, disturbed, unhinged, insane, mad, mad as a hatter, mad as a March hare, raving mad, lunatic, out of one's head, out of one's mind, not in one's right mind, neurotic, psychotic