Meaning of craft knife in English:

craft knife



another term for utility knife
‘Hindson was arrested at his home on March 23 and officers found a green craft knife in his trouser pocket.’
  • ‘Rose waved a craft knife in his face, and had a crowbar.’
  • ‘I assembled my tools - a sharp craft knife and a ruler.’
  • ‘I used a craft knife to remove about 7 notches from it.’
  • ‘When police searched Dean they found 98 diazepam tablets, a craft knife and a large amount of small change.’
  • ‘Graham can take a craft knife and a piece of once-used cardboard and produce a lovely neat box in no time.’
  • ‘So with the aid of a sharp craft knife each slot was cut out very carefully.’
  • ‘So with my craft knife at hand I took on the laborious task of cutting them out.’
  • ‘I broke a craft knife trying to cut through the outer shell and scissors had little effect.’
  • ‘Cut the wood into 3-inch squares using a craft knife.’
  • ‘To cut, use a sharp single-edge razor or a craft knife to slice through the backing only.’
  • ‘Cut the domino shape out of the center using a craft knife.’
  • ‘I wasn't allowed to bring my craft knife or scissors in my carry-on luggage!’
  • ‘The central photo transfer has been hand-etched along the edges with a craft knife before being applied to the clay.’
  • ‘Do this by scoring lightly along a ruler edge with a craft knife on the inside of the card before folding.’
  • ‘Place open paper on cutting mat and cut with a craft knife along the middle seam section only.’
  • ‘We use a craft knife blade to smooth out the paste.’
  • ‘The first attacker was carrying an orange and yellow craft knife.’
  • ‘A shop which sold a pack of craft knife blades to a 13-year-old girl has been fined £4,000.’
  • ‘When police searched her house, they found paraphernalia for drug dealing including craft knives and scales.’