Meaning of craft union in English:

craft union


  • A trade union of people of the same skilled craft.

    ‘For decades, socialists had denounced the craft union policy of the AFL and advocated the creation of mass industrial unions.’
    • ‘The country's biggest craft union has given an overwhelming thumbs-down to the new national pay deal.’
    • ‘There's already a campaign brewing with some American film craft union people about runaway film productions.’
    • ‘The craft unions lost their strong position in the labour market in the wake of Taylorism and Fordism.’
    • ‘The situation has striking parallels with 1930s debates over organizing factory workers, who craft unions all but ignored.’
    • ‘A historic opportunity to bring Hollywood's professional and craft unions together in a new alliance has been postponed.’
    • ‘Contractors claim they do not need a training program because the various craft unions already are doing a good job.’
    • ‘He talks about setting ‘standards’, rather like the apprentice, journeyman, and master statuses granted by craft unions.’
    • ‘It was formally committed to socialism and industrial unionism in preference to craft unions.’
    • ‘They are grossly underrepresented in the Directors’ and Writers' Guild and local craft unions.’
    • ‘The apprentices who protested yesterday came mostly from the electrical sector, supported by craft unions.’
    • ‘It was his way of saying goodbye to the Federation of Labour and the conservative craft unions that dominated it.’
    • ‘This has remained a feature of some craft unions to this day.’
    • ‘Moreover, construction craft unions insist that unskilled laborers get paid inflated wages to discourage contractors from hiring them.’
    • ‘He supported civil rights legislation but rarely challenged the racially discriminatory practices of craft unions.’
    • ‘The remainder belong to a small number of craft unions.’
    • ‘Many in skilled professions in the wood and metal industries were involved in the formation of craft unions.’
    • ‘A new kind of union leader emerged too - one more radical than those who had led traditional trades and craft unions.’
    • ‘In the 1930s, the mob controlled many of the craft unions and came close to taking over the Screen Actors Guild.’
    • ‘Participatory rates in laborer's unions were consistently lower than for craft unions.’