Meaning of craggy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkraɡi/

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adjectiveadjective craggier, adjective craggiest

  • 1(of a landscape) having many crags.

    ‘a craggy coastline’
    • ‘In a gaunt and craggy landscape the soft, well-rounded Magdalen weeps over her past.’
    • ‘For some nature lovers, the craggy, volcanic landscape of Iceland is a paradise.’
    • ‘It has a contrasting landscape ranging from beautiful and mesmerizing beaches to sprawling and craggy mountain ranges.’
    • ‘A stone bridge arcs over a waterway in one image and a craggy bit of coastline appears in another.’
    • ‘It has virgin temperate woods, craggy desolate coastlines, fjords, glaciers and soft, rolling hills.’
    • ‘These mountains were much more craggy and rocky.’
    • ‘Be especially wary of those craggy alpine roofscapes favored by current architectural fashion.’
    • ‘Northern Ireland is recognizable by its lush green countryside and stout mountains leading down to a steep and craggy shoreline.’
    • ‘But over the craggy mountains separating Yugoslavia and Albania, a far less innocent traffic returned.’
    • ‘Beneath the kitsch of the souvenir shops, Lourdes is raw and elemental; situated in rather gloomy inward-looking craggy mountains.’
    • ‘The Netherlands may be neat, but it doesn't have our happy mess of wolves and craggy mountains, and it never will.’
    • ‘It passes steel-blue waters, deep green forests and craggy mountains rising up to 2,500 feet, and you may see golden eagles.’
    • ‘Vast expanses of craggy, snow-capped mountains, impressively silhouetted against bright blue skies.’
    • ‘Varied landscapes - from plains to canyons to glaciers to lakes to craggy mountains - provide something for everyone.’
    • ‘We will spend quality time on the sunny side of the Alps, with craggy bright-white mountains jutting out of smooth grassy meadows.’
    • ‘It can evoke craggy mountains one moment, spidery cilia the next.’
    • ‘Many of the drawings represent what appear to be an Italian town surrounded by craggy mountains and archeological ruins.’
    • ‘The shot resonated off the craggy mountain peaks behind Uncle Pete's home.’
    • ‘But she shares with him an affinity for the craggy geological formations of the eastern Washington landscape.’
    • ‘Green hills turned to blue-grey, a little more craggy here, a bit mountainous there.’
    • ‘The winter where the call of the Wild Hunt was first sounded, echoing off craggy ravines and nauseatingly high cliffs.’
    hilly, craggy, rocky, alpine, high, steep, precipitous
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    1. 1.1(of a cliff or rock face) rough and uneven.
      ‘Thrust together amid the stark, craggy cliffs of the Irish countryside, the three women confront old quarrels.’
      • ‘The Judean Desert, with it's dramatic, craggy cliffs, offers special opportunities for adventurous hikes, climbing, and rappelling.’
      • ‘A wave of dizziness swamped her as she stared down on craggy cliffs.’
      • ‘They'd been chasing each other over the craggy cliffs, and that's when the shadow had passed over them.’
      • ‘You'll quickly reach Petit Byahaut, a small bay surrounded by green hills and craggy cliffs.’
      • ‘Sen's camera surveys the craggy cliffs on top of which the massacre occurred.’
      • ‘At last the climb moved above the forest line, and the path became a vertical craggy precipice.’
      • ‘To this day it remains filled with placid, crystal waters lapping at the craggy hewn cliffs.’
      • ‘Picture the scene: the late afternoon sun is burnishing the craggy Cornish cliffs.’
      • ‘An experienced climber shouted ‘safe’ from the top of a craggy rock face.’
      • ‘En route are wildflower meadows, rushing streams and staggering views of craggy peaks, cliffs and glaciers.’
      • ‘Rock cakes take their name from their irregular craggy appearance, not from their consistency.’
      • ‘In the Mediterranean, I've seen large, robust fig trees sprouting from craggy slopes and fractured rock cliffs.’
      • ‘This, we soon discovered, is a craggy ridge only four feet wide, with precipitous 1,500-foot drop-offs on both sides.’
      • ‘The desolate pine forests, craggy gullies and rugged desert country are all perfectly suited to this style of movie.’
      • ‘Dramatic walls - steep and craggy - rise up to between 200 meters and 600 meters marking the rim of the large caldera.’
      • ‘It was good to get on to the narrower path as it climbed north between craggy mountain walls to the summit.’
      • ‘Here, 2450 people live outdoors at the foot of a craggy mountainside.’
      • ‘It has steep, craggy slopes and can be reached from Glen Nevis via Meall.’
      • ‘Mt Iron in particular shows signs of glaciation - rounded on its upstream face and steep and craggy on the downstream side.’
      rocky, rough, ragged, rugged, uneven, bumpy, stony, irregular, pitted, broken up, jagged, precipitous, cragged, rock-bound
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    2. 1.2(of a man's face) rugged and rough-textured in an attractive way.
      ‘But Catlin - a tall, balding, 67-year-old M.D. with a handsomely craggy face - just frowns when I prod him.’
      • ‘With his craggy face and a pocketful of smokes, this mysterious new Marlboro Man is none other than: Bob Dole.’
      • ‘As firelight flickers across his craggy face and sweat runs down his ample forehead, you can bet he's laughing manically.’
      • ‘His craggy face is bright red, his hair wavy and mad-scientist spiky.’
      • ‘But his face is craggy from years in the wild, and his large hands are like paws.’
      • ‘But his craggy face looks somehow satisfied, as if he never expected anything else.’
      • ‘His itinerary is exhausting, and on the evening we meet he already looks tired, his craggy face drawn.’
      • ‘The craggy face of the town's store manager was worry-worn and wrinkled with time.’
      • ‘A shock of white hair sprouted from his scalp and his craggy face was accented by thick, bushy eyebrows.’
      • ‘A team of sports types with craggy faces walk past our window going to their car.’
      • ‘Those who remember Jim will easily imagine the satisfied glint in his craggy face.’
      • ‘His grey hair was thinning on top, and his face was craggy, angular.’
      • ‘Just one look at his craggy face would tell a man that John Davis had been places.’
      • ‘His craggy visage stares from countless heroic portraits and statues.’
      • ‘A weather-worn face, as craggy as the surrounding hills, grins out from beneath a grizzled beard.’
      • ‘The craggy weather worn face had character and a person's life story was written there.’
      • ‘Gray stubble had grown on Thrasher's craggy, angular face.’
      • ‘He pushed back the hood and the early morning sun highlighted a craggy, chiseled face with almost colorless blue eyes.’
      • ‘It was an almost cheerful looking wizard, if that craggy old face being twisted into a smile could be called cheerful.’
      • ‘The Elder's eyes flashed, his wide face craggy with age, his cheekbones and jaw resolute.’
      rugged, rough-hewn, rough-textured, strong, manly, masculine
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