Meaning of cragsman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkraɡzmən/

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nounplural noun cragsmen

  • A skilled rock climber.

    ‘They live by their fishings, and are reputed to be the best boatsmen and cragsmen in the archipelago.’
    • ‘No good cragsman will make much of Ossian's Cave, but at the same time no honest one will despise it.’
    • ‘The layout is self explanatory and it is bursting with info and advice from a true cragsman of the Peak.’
    • ‘Upon realisation of Dalton's priorities his skills as a cragsman should not be underestimated.’
    • ‘The cragsmen scrambled onto the rocks from their boat at the one landing site that gave them access to the summit.’
    • ‘The object of the scouts in those days was to provide a wholly irregular force of cragsmen.’
    • ‘The ascent is one of the most daring exploits of the cragsmen of the Island.’
    • ‘The captives on the rock were at last rescued by the islanders, who are the most dexterous cragsmen in those parts.’
    • ‘Look you now, chalk has every possible element of danger from the standpoint of the cragsman.’
    • ‘Their son would grow up on this craggy outcrop they called home and become an experienced fowler, cragsman and crofter.’
    • ‘He must be helmsman and chief, the cragsman, the rifleman, the boat steerer.’
    • ‘They are rescued by their two suitors, both experienced cragsmen, who scale the walls of the castle and bring them back safely to France.’
    • ‘The would-be cragsman must also bear in mind that these are large mountains with the usual dangers of rain, snow, lightning and rockfalls.’
    • ‘Probably the cliff is better suited to that purpose than as a playground for cragsmen.’
    • ‘I became a daring cragsman, a character to which an English lad can seldom aspire, for in England there are neither crags nor mountains.’
    • ‘A fall might entail disastrous consequences, and, therefore, the ascent should be attempted only by experienced cragsmen.’
    • ‘At our courses, more challenging activities are supervised by the professional cragsmen.’
    • ‘The place which is surrounded by rock faces is the ideal destination for cragsmen.’
    • ‘Undoubtedly, wandering cragsmen poked about the cliffs, but none of them published their activities.’
    • ‘May was a sad time for the hill community, with the deaths of two of that ever-dwindling band of cragsmen.’