Meaning of cram-full in English:


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  • Very full; packed.

    ‘all the roads were cram-full of cars’
    • ‘The scotch was just one extra in a room cram-full of them.’
    • ‘The lobby has been transformed into a funky pseudo-greenroom, cram-full of couches, armchairs and divans.’
    • ‘Ruinous pickups, cram-full of teenagers in an elevated mood, swayed toward us at racetrack speeds.’
    • ‘The online store is cram-full of bags in neat retro-ish patterns.’
    • ‘From the names this author gives his characters, to the situations he creates for them, every page was cram-full of insights and surprises.’
    crowded, overcrowded, full, overfull, overflowing, full to bursting, full to overflowing, crammed full, cram-full, thronged, packed, jammed, teeming, swarming, overloaded