Meaning of crammer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkramə/

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  • A person or institution that prepares pupils for an examination intensively over a short period of time.

    ‘In 1888 Russell went as a boarder to an army crammer to prepare for Cambridge University scholarship examinations.’
    • ‘As well as the tutorial colleges and local crammers, about a dozen public schools have entered the market.’
    • ‘He moved schools a lot - prep and boarding, home tutors, crammers.’
    • ‘A summer crammer in the hope of improving his grades proved fruitless.’
    • ‘Last minute cramming for exams is a bad idea, take it from someone who was a professional crammer.’
    • ‘After his re-sits at a crammer, he journeyed north to Edinburgh University to study divinity.’
    • ‘His father sent him to a crammer in Dublin from where the young Peter was accepted at veterinary college.’
    • ‘Independent private school kids take expensive crammer lessons to help pass these stringent snobby entrance exam tests.’
    • ‘The inciting event is the arrival of a young crammer named Irwin, whom the headmaster has hired to boost the school's prestige.’
    • ‘Even so, he left a year early and went off to a crammer in Brighton to do his A-levels.’
    • ‘Initially he worked with established firms of crammers in the West End.’
    • ‘Now Umist is trying to bridge the learning gap by introducing the crammer course.’
    • ‘The university wants to use the internet as a crammer, enabling students to complete the first few terms by remote access.’
    instructor, trainer