Meaning of cramp someone's style in English:

cramp someone's style


  • Prevent a person from acting freely or naturally.

    • ‘he's not putting any pressure on me that would cramp my style’
    • ‘He said it cramps his style of getting really big bucks from Fat Cats.’
    • ‘The truth has not cramped their style in the past and is unlikely to do so during the current confirmation hearings.’
    • ‘A coalition government and a secular constitution have cramped their style.’
    • ‘I got sick during the world champs which cramped my style, but I didn't shame myself.’
    • ‘The peg did not appear to have cramped his style on the dance floor, or with the ladies.’
    • ‘Never, ever go clubbing with friends: they'll only cramp your style.’
    • ‘People stand on your toes, nudge towards the front and just cramp your style underneath the arches.’
    • ‘At least we know this parenthood gig isn't going to cramp our style.’
    • ‘I prefer action stories; dull conferences can cramp my style.’
    • ‘He's also partially-sighted, but hasn't let that cramp his style.’
    restrict, restrain, limit, constrain, confine, cramp