Meaning of cranachan in English:



(also crannachan)
mass noun
  • A Scottish dessert made with whipped cream, whisky, oatmeal, honey, and raspberries.

    ‘celebrate Burns' night with a traditional Scottish meal, including haggis, neeps and tatties, and cranachan’
    • ‘The cranachan arrives in a rather swish cardboard pot of the type that luxury ice-cream is more normally found in.’
    • ‘Continuing the Scottish theme of the evening, the meal emphasised Scottishness, with haggis, scallops, salmon, black pudding and cranachan.’
    • ‘The results revealed that our three favourite foods are cranachan with raspberries, Aberdeen Angus beef and smoked salmon.’
    • ‘Cranachan is classically made with toasted oatmeal, cream, crowdie, heather honey and berries.’
    • ‘Sherry, brandy, and Marsala add flavour and an alcoholic kick to creamy puddings such as trifle, syllabub, cranachan, and zabaglione.’
    • ‘It was time to move on to the final stage of this thoroughly enjoyable gastronomic voyage of discovery: an iced cranachan with Drambuie sauce.’
    • ‘An average raspberry cranachan and an over-firm pannacotta suggest that desserts are not the kitchen's key priority.’
    • ‘For dessert, cranachan (made from porridge oats, double cream, whisky and honey) or Typsy Laird (sherry trifle) are customary.’
    • ‘Eat some cranachan and then go for an hour's walk, like our grandparents would have done.’



/ˈkranəkən/ /ˈkranəxən/


1940s from Scottish Gaelic crannachan.