Meaning of cranberry bush in English:

cranberry bush


mainly North American
  • A shrub of the honeysuckle family, with round clusters of white flowers followed by red berries.

    Genus Viburnum, family Caprifoliaceae: the American cranberry bush (V. trilobum), with edible berries, and the guelder rose or European cranberry bush

    ‘But to come across a fully laden cranberry bush in a clearing in a wood is a fabulous thing.’
    • ‘But Matulli sat back among the cranberry bushes in the wet moss and pulled Halla down beside her.’
    • ‘Most references still refer to the American cranberry bush by its old Latin name, V. trilobum.’
    • ‘We saw somewhat low places that may contain cranberry bushes but we're not good enough with plants to know.’
    • ‘And while they were at it they ordered me a dwarf lemon tree that will ship when the cranberry bushes do.’
    • ‘Some plant scientists think many cultivars of American cranberry bush are actually hybrids of the two species.’
    • ‘Pussywillows, rhododendron, swamp azalea, dogwood, sumac, blueberry and cranberry bushes are among the many perennials.’
    • ‘Blueberry and cranberry bushes provide vivid fall colors as well as tasty berries enjoyed by wildlife and people alike.’
    • ‘The European cranberry bush and the snowball viburnums are most susceptible to aphids.’
    • ‘The European cranberry bush and the snowball viburnums are most susceptible to aphids.’
    • ‘And because cranberry bushes can live for generations, some on Cape Cod are said to date 150 years to the original plantings.’
    • ‘Paths wind through cranberry bushes as reminders of the area's past life as lush farmland.’
    • ‘Plant size ranges from the dwarf European cranberry bush that tops out a mere 2 feet, to nannyberry that grows over 30 feet tall.’
    • ‘Wetlands border the trail and sphagnum moss and cranberry bushes sometimes cover it.’
    • ‘Founded in the early 1800's, this town was named for the abundant cranberry bushes that flourished in the surrounding bogs.’
    • ‘The school will plant cranberry bushes and construct bluebird houses so students can watch wildlife out of a large window.’
    • ‘There are a number of varieties of the European cranberry bush, all with three-lobed leaves that turn red in the fall.’
    • ‘I know of some blueberry and cranberry bushes that I'm using for groundcover.’
    • ‘The only landscaping proposed is around the front of the site and it consists of red maple, white pine and European cranberry bushes.’
    • ‘It is especially decimating the American and European cranberry bushes.’