Meaning of craniotomy in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkreɪnɪˈɒtəmi/


mass noun
  • 1Surgical removal of a portion of the skull.

    ‘exploratory craniotomy disclosed an aneurysm’
    • ‘For brain aneurysms, a specialised surgical procedure called a craniotomy is carried out to open the head.’
    • ‘In 1988, the patient underwent craniotomy followed by transphenoidal resection for recurrence.’
    • ‘Focal tailored resection or awake craniotomy also are options.’
    • ‘Nursing care of these patients is similar to that for any patient recovering from craniotomy and general anesthesia.’
    • ‘The two options for invasive treatment are open craniotomy and endovascular treatment.’
    • ‘Tegmen erosion can be approached through a limited temporal craniotomy with extradural repair.’
    • ‘As much of the tumour as possible is removed by making an opening in the skull called a craniotomy.’
    • ‘From a technical standpoint, a brain tumor removal operation is called a craniotomy.’
    • ‘A standby set of metallic craniotomy instruments should be kept outside the MRI area for emergency use.’
    • ‘This tray is assembled with basic craniotomy instruments to help minimize cost to the patient.’
    • ‘She had to undergo an emergency craniotomy to remove blood clots in her brain.’
    • ‘My patient undergoing the craniotomy had no previous experience with surgery, and he was quite scared.’
    • ‘The surgeon performed a craniotomy via the previous surgical site.’
    • ‘The patient underwent a posterior craniotomy with a resection of the mass.’
    • ‘The lesion was excised via a bilateral frontal craniotomy.’
    • ‘A craniotomy is performed under general anesthesia.’
    • ‘The surgeon performed a craniotomy via the previous surgical site.’
    • ‘A left frontotemporal craniotomy was performed on the day following the embolization.’
    • ‘Open craniotomy was performed with subtotal removal of the tumor and cyst drainage.’
    • ‘That's because while unconscious, he had needed two craniotomies to relieve the pressure.’
    1. 1.1Surgical perforation of the skull of a dead fetus to ease delivery.
      • ‘One procedure destroys the fetus by a craniotomy, the other by dismemberment.’