Meaning of crankcase in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkraŋkkeɪs/

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  • A case or covering enclosing a crankshaft.

    ‘It went off like a grenade inside, the crank, the crankcase, barrels and pistons are all just scrap metal.’
    • ‘Unlike four-stroke engines, there's a power stroke with every rotation of the crankcase.’
    • ‘‘If we're successful, it could basically sit in the crankcase of a diesel V8 with the same output,’ says van der Broek.’
    • ‘Controlling the oil in the crankcase significantly reduces ring tension to unlock even more power by minimizing friction.’
    • ‘The crankcase was ribbed for strength while the crankshaft was carried on five main hearings.’
    • ‘To minimize hydraulic losses, it is connected to the crankcase by a series of windows and oil strainers.’
    • ‘The shunt left the car with damaged suspension, bodywork and even broke the crankcase in the backwards impact.’
    • ‘Just as the letter W is two Vs joined together, the W8 is like two V - 4 engines joined at their crankcases.’
    • ‘Well, imagine draining all the oil from your crankcase, and then trying to drive across town - doing 80 mph on the freeway.’
    • ‘Other nasties, such as lead and acid, also live in your crankcase.’
    • ‘The crankcase is also formed by a one-piece core, assuring uniformity.’
    • ‘Imagine your car didn't come with instructions telling you to fill the crankcase with oil of a particular viscosity.’
    • ‘Then that mixture of gasoline and oil would seep down into the crankcase, diluting the engine oil even further.’
    • ‘The crankcase, on the other hand, sits in a bath of water and polyethylene glycol.’
    • ‘The slower speeds were a result of the races being flown with a cracked crankcase.’
    • ‘Some of that fuel would inevitably seep down into the crankcase and dilute your oil.’
    • ‘There are oil passages on the outside of the crankcase to reduce the chance of oil leaks.’
    • ‘The last place you need your oil is splattered up the inside of the crankcase!’
    • ‘Weight concerns mandated that the cylinder heads and crankcase are both made of cast aluminum.’
    • ‘With a rotary engine, the crankshaft is fixed, while the cylinders, crankcase and all the other bits rotate around it.’