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  • 1(of a submarine) dive rapidly and steeply to a deeper level in an emergency.

    ‘If the submarine had come under attack, both men would have quickly drowned with no hope of escape as their boat crash-dived.’
    • ‘Often, in the mid-Atlantic, after forcing U-boats to crash-dive, carrier planes dropped homing torpedoes on the submarines.’
    • ‘Anyway, Brick's good piloting brought the sub back in view, now crash-diving to yet away.’
    • ‘These allowed a submarine to surface and crash dive without having to send out crewmen to dismantle the mast in an emergency.’
    1. 1.1(of an aircraft) plunge steeply downwards into a crash.
      • ‘pilots crash-dived on bridges over the Oder, destroying three of them’
      crash, plummet, pitch, drop, fall, fall headlong, tumble, nosedive, take a nosedive, crash-dive, descend


(also crash dive)
  • A steep dive by a submarine or aircraft.

    ‘‘There was a lot of noise and debris flying about and the helicopter went into a controlled crash dive but Pete had only partially detached himself,’ said Mr Dell.’
    • ‘The man admitted that he had been playing with the helicopter and was making a crash dive move.’
    • ‘Forty minutes later we make a crash dive, regrouping at 15m below the surface current that whips across the reef-top.’