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  • (of an aircraft) land roughly in an emergency, typically without lowering the undercarriage.

    ‘the plane crash-landed at the airport and caught fire’
    • ‘A pilot who narrowly escaped injury when his light aircraft crash-landed at a farm airstrip near Swindon has blamed soft ground as one possible cause of the incident.’
    • ‘The third airlift was a total disaster, with bundles dropping into enemy hands and planes and gliders crash-landing throughout the area.’
    • ‘All but seven of the 80 crew members survived, even though most had to bail out or crash-land because their aircraft ran out of fuel before reaching landing sites in China.’
    • ‘All eight aircraft were forced to crash-land on Greenland on 15 July 1942.’
    • ‘At dusk, and with the plane hopelessly off course, a decision had to be made whether to abandon the aircraft or crash-land.’
    • ‘The pilot was not able to sustain height and the glider crash-landed on top of a wall several miles from its target, killing or injuring several of the men.’
    • ‘They say there were 110 people on board when the plane crash-landed at an airport in the southern city Port Harcourt.’
    • ‘It crash-landed after the undercarriage and air instruments failed in mid-flight - a situation the manufacturers said was unheard of.’
    • ‘You may not be astonished to hear that the plane crash-lands on the beach of a deserted island.’
    • ‘The man, travelling alone in a single-engine Tobego T10 plane, crash-landed into a field next to the runway after getting into difficulties shortly after take-off.’
    • ‘The three were captured after their plane crash-landed in a guerrilla-controlled region.’
    • ‘He crash-landed in a wheat field and, after spending five days moving through the countryside, he was picked up by a farmer and turned over to German authorities.’
    • ‘Despite his own aircraft being damaged, he glided back to base with a dead engine and crash-landed near Folkstone.’
    • ‘Somewhere in the South Pacific, a plane en route from Sydney to the U.S. crash-lands on a verdant deserted island.’
    • ‘Failing to reach said sun, the accused instead flew the plane the distance of one hundred yards before crash-landing into a rickety chicken coop.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, both gliders were forced to crash-land far from their objective and one tug crashed into mountains.’
    • ‘In 1942, an American fighter pilot crash-landed in southern Morrocco and stumbled upon a burrow of the rabbits.’
    • ‘The Genesis space capsule crash-landed in the Utah desert today, after its parachute failed to open.’
    • ‘The narrator of the story is a pilot who has crash-landed in the desert.’
    • ‘An attempt to restart the right engine was too late and the plane crash-landed half a mile from the runway.’