Meaning of crash and burn in English:

crash and burn


  • Come to grief or fail spectacularly.

    • ‘I've seen guests crash and burn on the show’
    • ‘Just as often, public careers can crash and burn.’
    • ‘When people realize that they can lose their social security money in the stock market, this plan will crash and burn.’
    • ‘She's a single mom, a child star who didn't crash and burn, and a two-time Oscar winner.’
    • ‘Was my grand plan going to crash and burn before the first-period bell had even rung?’
    • ‘That means at some stage I'm going to crash and burn, because I really don't see it as risky.’
    • ‘Though I've seen plenty of female juvenile players pass into adulthood without serious damage, I've also seen way too many crash and burn on the threshold of maturity.’
    • ‘And although I have plenty of faith in my son's ability on his chosen instrument, I felt without the time and effort put in, he'd possibly crash and burn.’
    • ‘But high-powered competition in the online auto field has already caused some firms to crash and burn over the last few months.’
    • ‘What if I crash and burn, like so many other American tourists?’
    • ‘And of course, it had to crash and burn because the critics didn't fawn.’