Meaning of crawfish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɔːfɪʃ/

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nounplural noun crawfish, plural noun crawfishes

another term for spiny lobster
‘Edible crabs, crawfish and lobsters must not be taken.’
  • ‘The new display will also include tropical hermit crabs, crawfish, horseshoe crabs, and other species.’
  • ‘Fish regularly shoal in the area; and within the rocky ledges enormous crabs, lobsters and the occasional crawfish take advantage of the fact that they are rarely visited or fished for.’
  • ‘Then the seals are forgotten as I come across a lobster-pot - not because of the crawfish inside it but the seahorse anchored to the bars.’
  • ‘An interesting occupant of the rock's ledges is the crawfish.’
  • ‘The diver asked the chef if he would prepare a special crawfish dish for her birthday party at his restaurant.’


[no object] informal US
  • Retreat from a position.

    • ‘three networks, intimidated by the public outcry, had begun to crawfish’
    • ‘‘For 11 long years, he has sidestepped, crawfished, wheedled out of any agreements he had made not to develop weapons of mass destruction,’ he said.’
    • ‘If there were a shred of sense in this analogy, hunting would have been banned five years ago, whereas in fact he has ‘crawfished’ about like anything trying to avoid it.’


Early 17th century variant of crayfish.