Meaning of crazy-ass in English:



informal North American
  • Completely crazy.

    • ‘it sounds like a crazy-ass idea’
    • ‘these guys make a touchdown and do all kinds of crazy-ass dancing’
    • ‘Let's make a movie based around his crazy-ass, gross-out antics.’
    • ‘Both sides could really stand to remember that students aren't brainless automatons, and are fully capable of not agreeing with their professors, no matter what crazy-ass beliefs they espouse.’
    • ‘Jamie and I are gonna do this crazy-ass dance for you.’
    • ‘There's no problem loading all of your crazy-ass music onto your iPod.’
    • ‘Every day was like another chapter out of some crazy-ass novel, full of impossible characters and situations.’
    • ‘Don't you crazy-ass people know that the studying environment is very stifling?’
    • ‘He'd launch into some crazy-ass story about one of the boxes exploding or something.’
    • ‘I had so much crazy-ass stuff happen to me.’
    • ‘I think this is a vague way of asking if her crazyass brother is still in the picture.’
    • ‘The minute I see them on the schedule, I know it's going to be a crazyass weekend.’
    absurd, preposterous, ridiculous, ludicrous, farcical, laughable, risible