Meaning of cream puff in English:

cream puff


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  • 1A cake made of puff pastry filled with cream.

    ‘If you want to find someone attractive, don't watch them eat a cream puff.’
    • ‘The coffee cream puff devoured by mum also got the thumbs-up.’
    • ‘The cream puff became popular during the French food mania of the 1960s, said a culinary librarian.’
    • ‘And, as anyone who has heard the call of a cream puff at 3 a.m. will not be surprised to hear, eating beloved foods stimulates some of the same neural pathways as addictive drugs like cocaine.’
    • ‘Don't let a sugar-laden cookie, bar, pudding, cheesecake or delectable cream puff pass your lips for seven days.’
    • ‘There was ice cream, Jello, cream puffs, pies, doughnuts, coconut cake.’
    • ‘It's horribly unglamorous and completely delicious, the sort of thing that makes you want to dive headlong into the bowl - and then have cream puffs for dessert.’
    • ‘I made a chocolate pudding from scratch, and then used it to fill cream puffs.’
    • ‘One of them directs you to search for extremely pleasurable food, notably high-energy bundles of fat and sugar like cream puffs and chocolate bars.’
    • ‘‘Your cream puffs are way better,’ I claimed firmly, thinking how lame I was.’
    • ‘He had dreamed of her last night and had awoken aroused and embarrassed and with an intense hunger for cream puffs.’
    • ‘Simon didn't seem to follow until I rounded the corner to the freezers and there he was picking out a box of those mini cream puffs.’
    • ‘One must down eleven lemons per day, while another says she may eat only cream puffs!’
    • ‘On the counter, cream puffs hid under a frosted glass dome beside the box of marshmallow mice.’
  • 2 informal A weak or ineffectual person.

    • ‘Oh he's a cream puff compared to other boys I've dated.’
    • ‘I can do that first act as this big cream puff, like nothing's wrong and I love playing games as an actor.’
    • ‘And make no mistake, the judges are not cream puffs.’
    1. 2.1 offensive A gay man.
    2. 2.2US informal as modifier Denoting something of little consequence or difficulty.
      • ‘a cream-puff assignment’
      • ‘Yeah, it was nice, but I could rattle off double-digit, middle-of-the-road teams that would have won 10 games against that cream-puff schedule.’
      • ‘The presidential debates increasingly smell like rig jobs with preconceived answers to cream-puff questions.’
      • ‘A top woman player used to be able to get away with a middling first serve and a cream puff second serve.’
      • ‘It's a cream puff of a release, which means it's small and sweet.’
  • 3North American informal A second-hand car or other item maintained in excellent condition.

    • ‘a twelve-year-old Cadillac—a real cream puff’