Meaning of creance in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkriːəns/


  • A long fine cord attached to a hawk's leash to prevent escape during training.

    ‘Some birds will overfly the lure the first time off the creance because of the lessened drag.’
    • ‘We use a fishing reel to store the creance line - this way we can rewind the line and keep it from tangling.’
    • ‘The falcon is taught to hop, then flutter, and finally fly the length of the creance to the falconer for food.’
    • ‘To my relief he flew to me just the same as he had on the creance.’
    string, thread, thong, lace, ribbon, strap, tape, tie, line, rope, cable, wire, ligature


Late 15th century from French créance ‘faith’, also denoting a cord to retain a bird of peu de créance (‘of little faith’ i.e. which cannot yet be relied upon).