Meaning of creatively in English:


Pronunciation /kriːˈeɪtɪvli/

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  • In an original or imaginative way.

    ‘this article inspires you to think creatively’
    • ‘It can be creatively adapted to any setting or any style - modern or traditional.’
    • ‘He's one of those rare people with a great sense of business, combined with a thorough knowledge of what works creatively.’
    • ‘He has been working creatively in papermaking and prints since the 1970s.’
    • ‘He exhorted his audience to think creatively about how to change and improve education.’
    • ‘By necessity or design, it's time to think more creatively about what we have got and how we use it.’
    • ‘We must allow ourselves to think creatively and differently.’
    • ‘The potential for this project to engage creatively with the issues that concern the communities is huge.’
    • ‘He engages students in learning activities that teach them to think creatively.’
    • ‘Children come together getting opportunities to work creatively.’
    • ‘As a team they worked creatively to resolve any of the on-site construction issues.’