Meaning of cred in English:


Pronunciation /krɛd/


another term for street credibility
‘a few tales here and there could wreck my cred completely!’
  • ‘I must confess about yet another blow to my geek cred.’
  • ‘For these agitators, their countercultural cred comes from illicit and powerful substances instead of sartorial symbols.’
  • ‘It was nine-tenths of my cred as a commercial solicitor.’
  • ‘Then you've established your cred so you can write about the music in question, how it's so amazing, how wrecked it leaves you, how transporting and new it is.’
  • ‘And then there's the issue of her punk-rock cred, or lack thereof.’
  • ‘If we're all cashing in our hipster cred for bourgeois trappings, then at least we're doing it together.’
  • ‘So who does he diss in order to establish his cred as a white, male rapper?’
  • ‘That kind of mistake could have totally undermined my pulpit cred.’
  • ‘On the face of it, he might seem to have the cred to do it.’
  • ‘Do you feel any need to prove your indie cred these days?’
  • ‘These programs gave the network its cultural cred while helping the channel land in a demographic sweet spot.’
  • ‘If you're too embarrassed to go out and buy old country music, get this one - you won't lose your cred.’
  • ‘Those of you worried about your manliness cred should leave your concerns at the door.’
  • ‘His national security cred is good, he's popular in Florida, and he seems to be fairly well liked among the Democratic faithful.’
  • ‘At first it was the cultural capital of punk cred that she was building up and wrecking, and now it's marketability.’
  • ‘I'm not sure where the others are from but I'm a Yorkshire lass and that should give the panel some cred!’
  • ‘If you ever needed cred for your site - this is it!’
  • ‘And I don't know, maybe I really am getting old, but I'm starting not to care about indie cred anymore.’
  • ‘The original film, initially dismissed as crude animation based on the pulp comic strip, had gained considerable cred within the film world.’
  • ‘My indie rock cred, once considerable, is now crumbling at my feet.’