Meaning of credit analyst in English:

credit analyst


  • A person employed to assess the credit rating of people or companies.

    ‘The credit analyst, fund administration, settlements and shared services are all transferable because countries operate on the same system,’ she said.’
    • ‘He held various posts in Sydney branches, before moving to NAB head office in Melbourne, where he worked as a credit analyst, corporate finance manager and international lending manager.’
    • ‘The credit analyst said: ‘Management are in denial.’’
    • ‘She originally worked for the bank as a credit analyst from 1989 to 1994 and returned to the bank in 1998.’
    • ‘Over the next few years, his back pain grew so severe that he missed weeks at a time from his work as a credit analyst in Portland, Ore.’
    • ‘He also previously held various positions with the bank in Dublin including that of credit analyst.’
    • ‘The credit analysts also assess business strategy and industry outlook.’
    • ‘If the invoice goes unpaid past the due date, one of his dozen former bank credit analysts may talk with the business owner about ways to collect the money.’
    • ‘We also have seven senior municipal credit analysts with support staff focused on individual security risk and ongoing due diligence.’
    • ‘So the suggestion that credit analysts are now ‘selling’ a rating in advance hasn't created as much controversy as the perceived conflict of interest between equity analysts and underwriters that hail from the same company.’
    • ‘Those other jobs comprise loan and credit analysts; business development representatives; quality/compliance control managers; and funding managers.’
    • ‘Traditionally, the unregulated businesses, such as power generation and wholesale electricity trading, have been viewed as higher-risk activities by credit analysts.’
    • ‘That, according to many credit analysts, amounts to enough to cover GM's expenses, maturing debt in the near future, and the cash losses that come with each dip in market share for the next few years.’
    • ‘However, securitization may not get a lender completely off the hook in the eyes of credit analysts.’
    • ‘But for those who can accept substantial risk, junk bonds - more formally known as high-yield bonds - could deliver formidable returns in the next 12 months, say some economists, fund managers and credit analysts.’
    • ‘Support personnel, such as credit analysts and appraisers, are employed to assist the loan officers with their workload.’
    • ‘According to credit analysts, a specific economic catastrophe - layoff, pay cut, divorce, illness, injury - which interrupts regular income is the cause of the overwhelming majority of bankruptcy filings.’
    • ‘Three months is the typical time that it's taking for companies and Government agencies to pay up, according to credit analysts.’
    • ‘We all know that when you go around and talk to bank credit analysts, they will tell you that everything looks absolutely bloody terrible.’