Meaning of credit card in English:

credit card


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  • A small plastic card issued by a bank, building society, etc., allowing the holder to purchase goods or services on credit.

    as modifier ‘I gave my credit-card number’
    • ‘he always paid by credit card’
    • ‘You could also switch your balance to a credit card which charges a lower rate of interest.’
    • ‘Last week my sister went into one of the big four banks to pay off my credit card.’
    • ‘Have you ever acquired a credit card or a bank account under a different name?’
    • ‘The question is whether it will also enjoy such success with its credit card linked service.’
    • ‘What you find is that people will consume as much as their credit card will allow.’
    • ‘Your debt situation may get a lot worse if you miss payments on your mortgage to keep up to date with a credit card.’
    • ‘The cost of their credit-card accounts keeps going up, and the merchants aren't happy about this.’
    • ‘The unpaid interest gets added to the principal, so the total owed can swell like a credit-card bill.’
    • ‘After a recent buying binge, you get a call at home from your credit-card company.’
    • ‘Hang up the phone if the conversation starts with a query about your credit-card debt.’
    • ‘Most credit-card issuers, by contrast, offer refunds in such circumstances.’
    • ‘The credit card companies can send you lots of offers, but they can't sign your name for you.’
    • ‘A credit card is just for convenience and should be paid off in full each month.’
    • ‘Instead, why not apply for a credit card that charges you no interest on new purchases for up to a year?’
    • ‘If you feel that you can manage a credit card, you should subscribe to one with a low interest rate.’
    • ‘She has since found out that he owes money to banks and credit card companies.’
    • ‘Check out electronic gift cards from major credit-card companies and retailers.’
    • ‘The account is then settled with cash, travellers cheques or a credit card at the end of the week.’
    • ‘Retailers hope to run credit-card operations without having to split profits with outsiders.’
    • ‘While credit-card purchases can be disputed, be sure purchases made online are done on secure sites.’
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