Meaning of credit default swap in English:

credit default swap

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  • A financial contract whereby a buyer of corporate or sovereign debt in the form of bonds attempts to eliminate possible loss arising from default by the issuer of the bonds. This is achieved by the issuer of the bonds insuring the buyer’s potential losses as part of the agreement.

    ‘fears of so-called counterparty risk arising from credit default swaps were central to the investment bank's unravelling in March’
    • ‘The credit default swap (CDS) market, which enables investors to hedge the risk of default by individual borrowers, is increasing exponentially.’
    • ‘That has pushed managers into more exotic instruments, such as credit default swaps, bank loans, and mortgage-backed securities.’
    • ‘Are buyers or sellers of credit default swaps more vulnerable?’
    • ‘Banks like credit default swaps - a derivative that's a kind of loan or bond insurance - because the parties who provide protection have generally paid quickly and without question when an event such as a default occurs.’
    • ‘Did they foresee that credit default swaps could collapse like a house of cards?’