Meaning of credit insurance in English:

credit insurance


mass noun
  • Insurance taken out to protect against bad debts.

    ‘Over the coming weeks and months, it will be interesting to see if market confidence wanes regarding the mountains of credit derivatives and credit insurance.’
    • ‘Before you finalize your paperwork, the dealership will offer you extended warranty plans and credit insurance to further protect your new investment.’
    • ‘In terms of insurance products, we have medium term credit insurance, which is simply payment insurance for a term longer than two years.’
    • ‘I have been told to look into credit insurance as a means to protect myself against potential trading risks.’
    • ‘So, for these two credit insurers, over $1 trillion of credit insurance has been written, supported by a capital base of $7 billion.’
    • ‘Here in Australia, a lot of businesses tend to see credit insurance as a choice of self-insurance, and a cost.’
    • ‘This alchemy is dependent upon a daisy-chain of explicit and implicit guarantees, credit insurance, liquidity agreements, and the expansive derivatives marketplace.’
    • ‘But it turns out credit insurance wasn't required.’
    • ‘Here, the practice of adding credit insurance or other ‘extras’ increases the lender's profit on a loan.’
    • ‘It has also been providing trade credit insurance against insolvency on a whole turnover or multi-buyer basis involving business within its African membership.’
    • ‘This is consistent with a surge in credit insurance.’
    • ‘For the next year, we certainly expect that the entire logic of derivatives and credit insurance will come to be questioned.’
    • ‘In general, most lenders will recommend that buyers take out credit insurance.’
    • ‘Instead of physical collateral, banks should develop a loan guarantee system and credit insurance.’
    • ‘But, given the reasons for employing credit insurance such action will require serious justification, confidence and trust.’
    • ‘As auctioneers, we are guaranteeing to pay within seven days of collection and have credit insurance on all our customers.’
    • ‘This is why credit insurance is so prevalent within distribution.’
    • ‘Can my colleagues guess how many export credit insurance contracts this office has signed up in 3 years?’
    • ‘There does not appear to be any evidence of a change in credit insurance policy.’
    • ‘On the international level, numerous proposals for new institutions, such as an international bankruptcy court or a global credit insurance agency, have been offered.’