Meaning of credit note in English:

credit note



  • A receipt given by a shop to a customer who has returned goods, which can be offset against future purchases.

    ‘However, you are not entitled to your money back just because you change your mind about what you have bought - many shops will offer a credit note or a refund under these circumstances, but they are not required to do so.’
    • ‘No, Bob I don't want a credit note, what would I do with a credit note?’
    • ‘They might even offer a replacement or a credit note.’
    • ‘The trader will only offer me a credit note, or an exchange.’
    • ‘Once you accept a credit note, you enter into a new contract which means you are not entitled to a refund.’
    • ‘As a result, I picked it up last week on a whim, when i needed to spend a few extra Euro to make the most of a credit note.’
    • ‘You are not obliged to accept a credit note or offer of a repair.’
    • ‘You will probably need a receipt to get a refund, and if there is nothing faulty with the gift, you might have to accept a credit note.’
    • ‘When a request for a credit note was made, it was not possible to check the volume of goods supplied against the contract.’
    • ‘No, the shop does not have to give a refund, an exchange or a credit note.’
    • ‘However, most retailers will help by offering an exchange or a credit note.’
    • ‘I have offered him a credit note of 50 per cent to do a training course in the future, but he is insisting that I offer him training at a time that doesn't suit me or else refund the full amount paid.’
    • ‘If you return faulty goods, you are not obliged to accept a credit note - you can insist on full repayment of your money.’
    • ‘You could ask the shop to exchange the dress for a different model or ask them for a credit note if you do not like any of the styles available.’
    • ‘In the sales, most retailers will offer a refund, exchange or credit note in these circumstances, but they are not obliged to so you cannot insist.’
    • ‘Some retailers will offer an exchange or credit note even if you have no legal rights’
    • ‘At this time we are aware that the company have been deliberately withholding credit notes for goods which have been returned in order that they could maximise their funds available under the agreement.’
    • ‘Remember they do not have the right for refunds on unwanted gifts - under consumer law shops don't have to give refunds or credit notes, though some do as a goodwill gesture.’
    • ‘It's easy to use and has features available to the retailer such as managed discounts, barcoded gift voucher, credit notes and layaways.’
    • ‘Some retailers issue credit notes that are valid for only three months.’
    voucher, coupon, chit, docket, stamp, order, credit note, IOU