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credit standing

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  • The reputation of a person or organization with regard to capability and promptness in meeting financial obligations.

    ‘Furthermore, for historical reasons the granting of a bill of sale tends to cast doubts on the credit standing of the merchant who effects it.’
    • ‘The credit standing would decline if fiscal erosion were to continue.’
    • ‘Since she is looking to buy a house in the near future, she shouldn't look to close her accounts, since this could negatively impact her credit standing.’
    • ‘He found a real estate agent, applied for a bank loan, and was quickly pre-approved, given his good credit standing.’
    • ‘I obtained a secured credit card through my bank in an effort to maintain my credit standing.’
    • ‘The second risk relates to the credit standing of the issuer.’
    • ‘Interest rates have never been lower and our credit standing never higher, so the cost of borrowing is historically modest.’
    • ‘To restore its credit standing, it is likely to have to aggressively dispose of assets in order to reduce borrowings.’
    • ‘Well, that depends on what your credit standing is and what you can afford.’
    • ‘Mortgage and credit payments directly deducted from workers' pay are not being made on time to financial institutions, negatively affecting their credit standing, he said.’
    • ‘It is clear from these answers that, to use a phrase of one of the expert witnesses, the borrower added nothing to the credit standing of the transaction.’
    • ‘Checking your report will highlight any problems so that you can deal with them and work on improving your credit standing.’
    • ‘Your current credit standing will determine the need for a down payment.’
    • ‘Your ability to get back on track and consistently pay your bills by their due date is critical to recovering your credit standing.’
    • ‘A request for registration, followed by a background check, is required to determine the viability and credit standing of buyers for all transactions.’
    • ‘It does not help that the company's credit standing is one notch away from junk grade.’
    • ‘The student must be a United States citizen or a permanent resident in good credit standing.’
    • ‘‘From a rating point of view, however, progress on structural reforms, combined with continued prudent fiscal policies, are the key drivers behind Bulgaria's credit standing,’ he said.’
    • ‘The stain of default also tainted the federal government's credit standing.’
    • ‘What's more, some companies are borrowing heavily to finance all or a substantial part of their purchases, a tactic that can damage their credit standings.’