Meaning of Créditiste in English:


Pronunciation /kreɪdɪˈtiːst/


(also Creditiste)
historical Canadian Politics
  • An adherent of any of a number of Canadian Social Credit parties, especially the Quebec wing of the Social Credit party in Canada or the separate party formed by it; a member of parliament belonging to this.

    The Ralliement des créditistes du Canada was formed by Real Cauoette (1917–76), Canadian politician, in 1958; it merged with the Social Credit Party of Canada in 1971. The Ralliement créditiste du Québec was formed in 1970 (later renamed the Parti créditiste) as a Social Credit platform in Québec; it was dissolved in 1980.


1960s; earliest use found in The Whig-Standard. From French créditiste, noun, denoting an adherent of this movement, and adjective, designating this movement from crédit + -iste, with allusion to the name of the Parti Crédit social du Canada, French name of the Social Credit Party of Canada.