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Pronunciation /kriːl/

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  • 1A large wicker basket for holding fish.

    ‘Most of the larger boats use single trawls while the smaller inshore vessels often fish by dropping creels in what supporters describe as a truly sustainable fishery.’
    • ‘I slipped the kokanee into a plastic bag, wishing that I hadn't lost the old wicker creel that was companion to Grandfather's cane fly rod, and our last fishing trip was over.’
    • ‘Planting those in my dear hubby's fishing creel will be a piece of cake.’
    • ‘Photography even substantiated claims of overflowing creels.’
    • ‘He walked a few paces away and snagged the creel he'd been using.’
    • ‘It might feel goofy, but crawling around the banks on your knees, hiding behind trees, and using the river's steep gradients to remain concealed can ensure a stocked creel.’
    • ‘She stands robustly by her creel, knife and oyster in her hands.’
    receptacle, container, holder, vessel, box, case
    1. 1.1An angler's fishing basket.
      ‘While prowling around in our cluttered attic, this fanciful fishing creel my hubby never uses anymore caught my eye.’
      • ‘A word about those creels: Successful anglers really do keep their catch here; fishing is so carefully restricted that there's no need for rigid catch-and-release regulations.’
      • ‘All turf was brought home with horse car and creel.’
      • ‘His hip boots and willow creel, along with a fly rod, define him as a fly fisher.’
  • 2A rack holding bobbins or spools when spinning.

    • ‘He said he believed that dust had remained on the looms and yarn creels when the workers returned after the summer shutdown.’


Middle English (in creel (sense 1); originally Scots and northern English): of unknown origin. creel (sense 2) dates from the mid 19th century.