Meaning of crema in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkreɪmə/


mass noun
  • A brownish foam that forms on the top of freshly made espresso coffee.

    ‘The coffee sprays down creating a deep tan crema during the first half of the brew.’
    • ‘Simply, cleanly and with no fuss complete with a thick layer of crema atop the espresso.’
    • ‘The main difference from an espresso is that it doesn't produce a crema.’
    • ‘Milan is not so much the froth on your cappuccino as the crema on your espresso.’
    • ‘After 20 seconds the crema's gone, in fact the shot is cold too by then.’
    • ‘This foam is what is known as 'crema'.’
    • ‘But think of how you can impress your guests with your ability to make perfect foam and get perfect crema on top of your espresso.’
    • ‘This state-of-the-art machine forces hot water through ground coffee at the optimal speed and pressure necessary for velvety espresso with a perfect crema every time.’
    • ‘At the touch of a button it grinds whole beans, doses, tamps, and extracts authentic espresso complete with a thick, golden crema.’
    • ‘He pounded out four espresso with such nonchalance, but the crema was dripping thick, and the shots looked amazing.’
    • ‘Dark roasting can hide the loss of flavor with stale beans, but dark roasts can also translate into bitter coffee with less body and even less crema on your espresso.’
    • ‘It has a lovely rich crema on the top when it's poured and a follow-through on the palate.’
    • ‘The speciality of the house, it comes already sweetened and mainly consists of crema, the light brown cream that forms naturally at the top of a normal espresso.’
    • ‘If the steam pressure is low the extraction will be too slow, and you will get bitter tasting coffee without the light brown head or "crema".’
    • ‘Not everyone accomplishes the layer of light-colored crema, or foam, that is the pride of an expert espresso-maker.’
    • ‘And a little while later he came into the study bearing a demi-tasse of what looked like excellent espresso, complete with a perfect crema on top.’
    • ‘Sipping the crema from my espresso doppio, I sat down on one of the bar chairs looking out over a plank-like counter onto the street and opened the newspaper.’


Italian, literally ‘cream’.