Meaning of cremaster in English:


Pronunciation /krɪˈmastə/


  • 1

    (also cremaster muscle)
    The muscle of the spermatic cord, by which the testicle can be partially raised.

    ‘Warm water relaxes the cremaster muscle and allows scrotal lengthening.’
    • ‘The Cremaster Cycle takes its name from the cremaster muscle, which controls testicular contractions and position in response to stimuli both from outside the body and within.’
    • ‘The cremaster muscle links the lowest part of the abdominal wall above the groin to these coverings of the testis, and can retract it upwards: this occurs reflexly when the inner thigh is stroked.’
    • ‘The cremaster is the male muscle that controls testicular contractions.’
    • ‘The cremaster is a thin muscle that regulates the height of the testicles.’
  • 2Entomology
    The hooklike tip of a butterfly pupa, serving as an anchorage point.


Late 17th century from Greek kremastēr, from krema- ‘hang’.