Meaning of crème anglaise in English:

crème anglaise

Pronunciation /ˌkrɛm ɒ̃ˈɡleɪz/


mass noun
  • A rich egg custard.

    ‘Spoon a portion of the lemon curd, caramel apple sauce, creme anglaise, and ganache into four individual ramekins and place next to the beignets.’
    • ‘An île flottante is an island of egg whites, sweetened, beaten stiff and baked, floating in crème anglaise (custard).’
    • ‘The thin pouring-sauce type of custard is crème anglaise.’
    • ‘There was a devilish warm chocolate pudding with crème anglaise or apple crumble with vanilla ice cream.’
    • ‘Gently fold the meringue into the creme anglaise.’
    • ‘In a large bowl, combine the brioche and creme anglaise and toss to coat.’
    • ‘I mean, when you are making meringue or crème anglaise using Pierre Hermé's recipe, surely nothing can go wrong!’
    • ‘Dessert, miniature pear tarte tatins with little pools of caramel and crème anglaise, arrived just as the first toasts began.’
    • ‘A chocolate, almond and crème anglaise wrapped in phyllo will be served as dessert.’
    • ‘I can never resist bread-and-butter pudding with crème anglaise, but the sodden, lumpen contents of my bowl were at odds with the brilliance of the efforts earlier in the evening.’
    • ‘I stuck to adventurous mode and ordered white-wine-poached pear with chocolate orange parfait and coffee creme anglaise: an incongruous mix.’
    • ‘It can be served warm or cold, with crème anglaise, crème fraîche or a scoop of ice-cream, but it is just as fabulous on its own.’
    • ‘Serve warm with crème anglaise or cinnamon ice-cream.’
    • ‘It came with a triumphantly fragrant watermelon sorbet, a dazzling collection of red berries, first-rate creme anglaise and strawberry coulis.’
    • ‘Or order the pint-size chocolate soufflé, spiked with hazelnut-flavored crème anglaise.’
    • ‘For the pistachio creme anglaise, in a blender, combine the milk, half-and-half, and pistachios, and purée until smooth, about two minutes.’
    • ‘Spoon creme anglaise in a circle and dot with raspberry sauce.’
    • ‘Drizzle the plate with the creme anglaise and garnish with the sugared rose petals and mint leaves.’
    • ‘That, as all pudding devotees will know, simply won't do: where crème anglaise is concerned, a drizzle is bad, a downpour is good.’
    • ‘Lili passed on the dessert, but I couldn't resist the lemon tart with lime mascarpone and orange creme anglaise.’


French, literally ‘English cream’.