Meaning of crème brûlée in English:

crème brûlée

Pronunciation /ˌkrɛm bruːˈleɪ/

nouncrèmes brûlées/ˌkrɛm bruːˈleɪ/ , crème brûlées/-ˈleɪz/

mass noun
  • A dessert of custard topped with caramelized sugar.

    ‘The caramel topping in desserts such as crème brûlée is made by exposing a layer of sugar on the surface to direct heat, e.g. under a grill.’
    • ‘The dessert menu, meanwhile, goes straight for the sugar rush with creations such as toffee-crisp crème brûlée and strawberry banoffee pie.’
    • ‘To cap off the meal, try the resto's crème brûlée for dessert, a crispy caramelized crust that yields a fluffy, delicious filling when shattered.’
    • ‘For dessert, I decided to try my hand again at crème brûlée, to make sure last time wasn't just a fluke.’
    • ‘Extract the coconut out of the sugared and spiced rhubarb soup with tapioca, and can the whole notion of crème brûlée with Oreos - it's a waste of good Oreos.’
    • ‘Overchilled or not, crème brûlée is still crème brûlée, and nothing was going to stop her enjoying it.’
    • ‘There's also a standard rendition of crème brûlée, flavored with tea, and a rice pudding that tasted properly rich but not transcendent.’
    • ‘It does for the tart what caramelised sugar does for a crème brûlée.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, his pastry chef has been finishing the restaurant's crème brûlée with large-grained Turbinado sugar, which melts more quickly and evenly.’
    • ‘His berry shortcake is cleverly layered with crème brûlée.’
    • ‘Rosanna gave her apple crème brûlée with apple sorbet the thumbs up, but I wasn't so fortunate.’
    • ‘I'm also pretty good at English puddings: I like cooking baked apples, crème brûlée and rice pudding.’
    • ‘There's also a cloying crème brûlée made with semolina, and a refreshingly chalky caramel parfait on a bed of thinly sliced stewed pears.’
    • ‘For dessert, there's a huge and creamy crème brûlée.’
    • ‘There's a chocolate-and-vanilla crème brûlée that tastes like gooey summer custard, and a bland roasted-peach concoction built on a dry square of French toast.’
    • ‘For dessert, we tried a good crème brûlée and an excellent chocolate and caramel mousse.’
    • ‘That small glitch was remedied by the arrival of a superb pear tart and a light, utterly delicious Spanish version of crème brûlée.’
    • ‘The food there is fabulous, with dishes such as foie gras and shiitake mushrooms, or green-tea crème brûlée.’
    • ‘The lamb shanks in mustard sauce are fabulous, as is the monumental crème brûlée.’
    • ‘There are dense little crème brûlées and individual flans to go with the stout café au laits or cappuccinos.’


French, literally ‘burnt cream’.