Meaning of crème patissière in English:

crème patissière

Pronunciation /krɛm ˌpatɪsˈjɛː/


mass noun
  • A thick, creamy custard used as a filling for cakes and pastries.

    ‘I always make crème patissière for my eclairs’
    • ‘The air in the kitchen is sweet with the scent of crème patissière and sharp with the tang of hot olives and tomatoes.’
    • ‘She has plenty of dessert ideas that don't require yeast or crème patissière.’
    • ‘Cover with a layer of crème patissière and sprinkle over a little cocoa powder.’
    • ‘A demonstration from her is a blur of silky-smooth purees, light-as-a-feather foams, and two kinds of crème patissière.’
    • ‘You could try flavouring the crème patissière with liqueur.’


French, literally ‘pastry cook's cream’.