Meaning of crenate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkriːneɪt/


Botany Zoology
  • (especially of a leaf or shell) having a round-toothed or scalloped edge.

    Compare with crenulate

    ‘The leaves, about 4 cm by 2 cm are opposite, deltoid-ovate, crenate serrate and green to dark green in colour.’
    • ‘Supported on four feet modeled as shells (mussel, scallop, oyster, and clam), it has irregularly crenate ends that are encrusted with sand and various types of aquatic life, and other marine-related elements adorn the lower sides.’
    • ‘He looked up from the floor of his buggy and saw a large crenate tree just before he hit it.’
    jagged, craggy, rugged, uneven, rough, irregular, broken


Late 18th century (earlier as crenated): from modern Latin crenatus, from popular Latin crena ‘notch’.