Meaning of crenellate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɛn(ə)leɪt/


(also crenelate)
[with object]mainly historical
  • Provide (a wall of a building) with battlements.

    ‘the abbey of Quarr had been licensed to crenellate its buildings’
    • ‘It also required raising the limestone crenellated parapet that runs along the roof battlement.’
    • ‘To the left of this tower are the walls that surround the basilica itself, as solid and crenellated as a castle keep.’
    • ‘The glass structure that enclosed them had a crenellated top suggestive of historic armories.’
    • ‘The geometry of the rooflights gives the building a crenellated profile so it looms over its surroundings like a brooding castle battlement.’
    • ‘The tomb itself is almost like a miniature fortress, with sloping crenellated outer walls, complete with eyelets for archery.’


Mid 19th century from French créneler, from Old French crenel (see crenel).