Meaning of creolization in English:


Pronunciation /kriːə(ʊ)lʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/


(also British creolisation)

See creolize

‘In sociolinguistic terms, Tok Pisin is an expanded pidgin currently undergoing creolization.’
  • ‘Distinctive marking of structures such as relative clauses comes later in the stabilization or expansion phase of the pidgin life cycle, or arises in the process of creolization.’
  • ‘The violence of their efforts warns against a sense that cultural creolization involves merely the intertwining of different cultural strands.’
  • ‘If we take the idea that the world is in the process of creolization then we are not dealing with issues of hybridity but with issues of contact between culture.’
  • ‘Despite the pervasive nature of creolisation on Barbados, it is a mistake to conclude that West African cultural patterns were stripped from the black population.’