Meaning of creosote bush in English:

creosote bush


  • A shrub native to arid parts of Mexico and the western US. Its leaves smell of creosote and when steeped in boiling water they yield an antiseptic lotion.

    Larrea tridentata, family Zygophyllaceae

    ‘A creosote bush can live as long as one hundred years, but the unique propagation method employed by this shrub may arguably extend its life much longer.’
    • ‘The most common shrubs are creosote bush, ocotillo, and bur sage.’
    • ‘Soil samples were collected from beneath the canopies of creosote bush shrubs and from areas between shrubs in each of the three zones: mound, enriched, and intermound.’
    • ‘Black-throated Sparrows use a variety of dry, open, grassy or shrubby habitats, including sagebrush and creosote bush deserts.’
    • ‘In some places even the hardy creosote bushes are withered and dead.’