Meaning of crêperie in English:


nounplural noun crêperies

  • A small restaurant, typically one in France, in which a variety of crêpes are served.

    ‘Brittany's many crêperies are a perennial favourite’
    • ‘In addition to some soup and salad alternatives, the restaurant is also a crêperie with both savoury and sweet crepe dishes.’
    • ‘We would eat crepes every single night, to the sparkly-eyed delight of my sister and myself, and over time we had built quite a little itinerary of favorite crêperies to visit.’
    • ‘I enjoy it tremendously and it used to be my favored drink in crêperies when on vacation in Brittany as a child.’
    • ‘All along the trail you'll find numerous crêperies as well as superb seafood restaurants.’
    • ‘Apart from the many crêperies still to be found today, most of that has disappeared in less than two decades.’



/ˈkreɪpəri/ /ˈkrɛpəri/ /kʀɛpʀi/