Meaning of crepitate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɛpɪteɪt/

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  • Make a crackling sound.

    ‘the night crepitates with an airy whistling cacophony’
    • ‘I remember sitting in despair as I felt my ribs crepitate with every breath.’
    • ‘She put her clothes back down while listening to the crepitating sound from the dry leaves in Leo's cage and then walked down the stairs and jumped onto the couch turning to the TV.’
    • ‘The rain crepitated against the side of my shell.’
    • ‘It crepitates on pressure, it shows again that there is presence of air in the lungs.’
    • ‘The oncoming mobile reconnaissance unit closed in as the immense gears and supports shafts crepitated while the great metal gates rose forth.’
    sizzle, crackle, fizz, hiss, spit, sputter, crack, snap


Early 17th century (in the sense ‘break wind’): from Latin crepitat- ‘crackled, rustled’, from the verb crepitare, from crepare ‘to rattle’.