Meaning of cress in English:


Pronunciation /krɛs/

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mass noun
  • A plant of the cabbage family, typically having small white flowers and pungent leaves. Some kinds are edible and are eaten raw as salad.

    Barbarea and other genera, family Cruciferae: several species, including garden cress (used in mustard and cress) and watercress

    ‘Place cress in a salad bowl, top with thinly sliced onion and your favorite French dressing.’
    • ‘Dress the dandelion and cress with rosemary and mustard dressing.’
    • ‘My ciabatta was very hot, with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and cress.’
    • ‘She was passionate about nature and grew lovely tomatoes, cress and herbs.’
    • ‘This included egg, bacon, tomato, cress and mayonnaise.’


Old English cresse, cærse, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch kers and German Kresse.