Meaning of crestfallen in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɛstfɔːlən/

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  • Sad and disappointed.

    ‘he came back empty-handed and crestfallen’
    • ‘The Irishman was under tremendous pressure to get Carlisle's season off to a good start and must have been crestfallen in defeat.’
    • ‘He sighed and slowly stood from the couch, crestfallen eyes showing defeat.’
    • ‘Most of his supporters in Ohio had all but admitted defeat yesterday morning, too crestfallen to clutch at legal straws and not surprised by his decision to concede.’
    • ‘A few months later the same glowing face was crestfallen.’
    • ‘‘I don't think that's necessarily true ’, she says, sounding a little crestfallen.’
    • ‘But in Senegal itself, crestfallen fans trudged through quiet streets in the capital after their team's failure to reach the last four.’
    • ‘‘Sorry sir, there are no fish items available today’ he said looking crestfallen.’
    • ‘On that score, as long as I have him on the line, I feel it's my duty to bust his chops a bit on behalf of crestfallen kids everywhere.’
    • ‘As the cast took their curtain-calls, I sat crestfallen backstage, erasing my disguise with a make-up wipe.’
    • ‘Sure, he can put on an accent, look suitably crestfallen and let those tear ducts well up like a true champ, but is he really the third greatest actor in the history of film?’
    • ‘Her dark eyes held a look so distraught and crestfallen that she didn't even notice the eeriness around her.’
    • ‘He looked crestfallen, so I got off the bench and chased him around in a game of hide-and-seek.’
    • ‘She came home from school quite crestfallen the other day.’
    • ‘Critics were left to slink away with crestfallen faces, hoping no one would remember their dire predictions.’
    • ‘With little aid and no roof over their head, these crestfallen people are facing the worst nightmare of their lives.’
    • ‘We leave crestfallen, unsure of whether or not we have just stumbled upon the world's most mysterious recording studio.’
    • ‘While the announcement of the results brought cheer to some, many others looked crestfallen.’
    • ‘He was crestfallen when I said I just wanted to borrow the phone, but was kind enough to let me.’
    • ‘He seemed crestfallen when I confirmed that, yes, it would take an awful long time to walk.’
    • ‘When I didn't say anything for a few moments, the lady shuffled her hands together, looking crestfallen.’
    downhearted, downcast, despondent, disappointed, disconsolate, disheartened, discouraged, dispirited, dejected, depressed, desolate, heartbroken, broken-hearted, heavy-hearted, low-spirited, in the doldrums, sad, glum, gloomy, dismal, doleful, miserable, unhappy, woebegone, forlorn, long-faced, fed up
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Late 16th century originally with reference to a mammal or bird having a fallen or drooping crest.