Meaning of crib-biting in English:



mass noun
  • A repetitive habit of some horses which involves the biting and chewing of wood in the stable, causing excessive wear to the front teeth.

    ‘This vice is similar to crib-biting but the horse does not grab onto anything with its teeth, it learns to gulp down air simply by creating a vacuum in the mouth.’
    • ‘The heart rate of the crib-biters during crib-biting was lower than during other behaviours.’
    • ‘Although most foals showed a reduction in crib-biting behaviour over the duration of the trial, the reduction was most marked in the foals on the antacid diet.’
    • ‘Recent work by Nicol et al, 2001 has shown that crib-biting in foals is associated with gastric inflammation and ulceration.’
    • ‘Owen gives a full description of crib-biting and wind sucking, and points out that it occurs worldwide in domestic horses and ponies, but does not occur in feral horses and ponies.’