Meaning of cribbage board in English:

cribbage board


  • A board with pegs and holes, used for scoring at cribbage.

    ‘Some score on a cribbage board, each player using one of the four tracks, starting from one end, the aim of course being to reach the agreed target score first.’
    • ‘The score is usually kept on a peg board which is like a cribbage board but half as long again.’
    • ‘This convention allows a cribbage board to be used for keeping scores.’
    • ‘A cribbage board is useful for scoring, since scores are totaled as they are made and not at the end of the hand.’
    • ‘It is easiest to peg running scores on a cribbage board, but they can be written on a score pad if you prefer.’
    • ‘A cribbage board is recommended, but pencil and paper will do.’
    • ‘One last note: since scoring is continuous, you might want to play with a cribbage board if you have one.’
    • ‘On card playing: ‘Be nimble on the cribbage board and master at least three of the following: whist, euchre, hearts, canasta, spades, pinochle, or stud.’’
    • ‘Some time during the 19th century the chalk and dartboard replaced the cribbage board as the standard method of scoring a game of darts.’
    • ‘He set up a cribbage board and waited for a few minutes.’
    • ‘We dragged out our old cribbage board, rounded up five different colored pegs and kept the ongoing score this way.’
    • ‘When he went looking through the offered board games he found not only a deck of cards but also a cribbage board.’
    • ‘Train trips are a good time to fold up your mobile and break out the cribbage board.’
    • ‘In appreciation of his efforts, these workmen gave him a beautifully crafted cribbage board with an inscription on the back.’
    • ‘Cribbage Supply offers a range of cribbage boards, pegs, books and playing-cards.’
    • ‘We make enough products now that if the flooring or paneling market goes soft, we make it up with wood for cribbage boards or with handles for barbecue grills.’
    • ‘Winners' plaques, bowling woods, cribbage boards and a railway engine name plate are among the items to go under the hammer tomorrow.’